Lille: The Bus Driver was driving without a License

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Driver had more points on his License

Driver had more points on his License

An ordinary check revealed that he had more points …

A driver employed by the Bus company OuiBus, a subsidiary of SNCF, was driving although he had more points on his license reveals the Voix du Nord.

This is a young woman who tells this story on Facebook, in a message released Friday to the attention of the company.   She was on a trip between Lille and Paris aboard a bus of the company.

Attitude “shady”

“From the beginning, the attitude of the driver is suspicious and disturbing.  He does not distribute virtually no tickets or at least does not check any name and let people enter the vehicle, “she wrote first.  The traveller then states that the driver “didn’t fasten his seat belt” and that he “spent the first minutes of the journey on the phone.”

According to the young woman, the police stopped the Coach to check the driver.  “And surprise, when checking the police found that the driver was not allowed to be driving,” continues the complainant.

He has his license, but more points

In this message, the company OuiBus replied, “the driver had his driving license, though the check revealed that he had more points, that didn’t allow him to drive.” OuiBus also assured its passengers that they “regularly check driving licenses of our drivers but the law forbids us to check the number of points they have.”

The vehicle was stopped at 6pm on a motorway service area.  A replacement driver was sent nearly three hours later, at 8:45 p.m.  Eventually passengers finally arrived at their destination at 10:50 p.m..

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