Nantes: Reopening of the Petit-Port Ice Rink after Four Months of Work

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The ice rink at Petit Port in Nantes is to re-open
The ice rink at Petit Port in Nantes is to re-open
Skateway Petit Port. – Pix machine -Franck Gallen

The only ice rink available to the public in Loire-Atlantique will open Tuesday evening …

Skating fans can rejoice. The Olympic ice rink in Petit Port, Nantes, the only ice rink available to the public in Loire-Atlantique, will reopen this evening on Tuesday at  9pm.

The ice rink, inaugurated in 1981, had been closed since May 18 because of important work.  Work was being carried out on the maintenance of cooling units, as well as the renewal of part of the roof and its insulation.

The clubs are hoping for a new rink

This reopening is eagerly awaited by sports clubs, especially NAHG (hockey), better known as the Corsaires, the NSG (skating) and Léo-Lagrange (skating and dance).  They regularly express the need for a new arena in the city of Nantes to properly accommodate licensees.

Skateway Petit Port last year had approximately 106,000 paying visitors. During the school period, it is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday. Rates: 3.10 euros to 4.70 euros. Skate rental: 2,50 euros.

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