The Beginning of August is Expected to be Sunny Throughout France

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better weather is forecast for August
better weather is forecast for August
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After weeks of heatwave, freshness is back, but not for long …

Provisionally, it is the end of the episode of heat and temperature records that have lasted for weeks.  For the last week of July, temperatures are lowering with a more fresher feel and some rain … what to do for the disillusioned vacationers.  Rest assured though.  Even if this week will be less than the previous summer, the beautiful weather will return from Sunday according to Sébastien Leas, forecaster for Meteo France.

When will the temperatures fall?

A disturbance will arrive from the east on Tuesday afternoon.  With the unstable air mass, temperatures will be down to the north and there will be some thunderstorms in the south. This is due to the subsidence of subtropical high that has guaranteed the hot weather so far …

Is Autumn really back?

From Tuesday afternoon, there will be rain in the Brittany to Charentes areas, but it still will be hot in the south, thanks to its peculiar climate and specific weather criteria (mild winters, dry and hot wind rather moderate rain, strong sunlight) . For the northern half of France, it will remain fairly cool, but rainfall will become weaker as the hours continue. Tempertures will still remain below seasonal averages until Friday, just enough to cool off.  Blame it on a high pressure that develops near the British Isles.

How the week will unfold?

From Thursday, the disturbance will sink towards the Pyrenees.  A stormy degradation will fall into place Friday (with frequent thunderstorms in Auvergne and in the Jura), but it was short-lived.  On Saturday, temperatures will start to rise.

Finally, we will reach the normal season. The north will be under the sun (23 degrees in the afternoon) while the south will be under the storms (25 degrees) and the Mediterranean regain its usual sunshine. The fine weather will return Sunday officially, the Aquitaine, the west coast of Frane (except possibly the tip Finistère) will offer us a real summers day.

The Sun Worshippers can therefore be reassured?

Indeed, in August, it looks quite well. It will have average tempertures of 27 degrees in the north and 31 degrees in the southern half of France.

The beginning of August should be quite sunny throughout all of France.  It is too difficult at present though to predict the forecast throughout the month of August.

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