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Wifi on the Subway in Lyon by 2017
Wifi on the Subway in Lyon by 2017
Lyon, 19 November 2014 Illustration of a subway train in Lyon on line A to Perrache station. – Elisa Riberry

The connection will be free for all users …

Full coverage but not by SNCF, Lyon should equip its subway lines with WiFi access from 2017.  The third largest city in France, which aspires to more modernity, wishes to establish the deployment of Internet connections as part the le plan de mandat du Sytral (transport union for the Rhône and the Lyon agglomeration), reports Rue89Lyon.

The access only available in stations

However, it will be only be a WiFi connection and not 4G.  Moreover, this connection will not be available on all of Lyon’s underground transport network (trains and stations), but only in the stations.

The objective of Sytral still remains to give more comfort to users of the metro in the city.  Pending its establishment, several questions remain unanswered. Including that of the installation of a 4G network that is not completely abandoned.

4G The project remains open

The complexity of deployment and the relatively small size of the Lyon network are the reasons for its shelved, pending further studies for next year.

Furthermore, while some stations like Bellecour or Part-Dieu were approached to take advantage of this first WLAN access, the network manager has yet chosen “officially” no station to begin the deployment of the connection.

According to Sytral, as agreed originally, the connection should be totally free for users.

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