Are You Trying To Sell A Property In France ?

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Are you trying to sell a property in France

Are you trying to sell a property in France

Are you trying to sell your property in France ?

I am going to try a new feature out on the website, to try and help my readers sell their properties in France by giving them a bit more exposure to readers of this website.

I am not going to charge for this, and depending on the responses, will limit the amount of properties to a maximum of one per day.  You will need to provide 2 photos, and a good description of between 200 – 500 words if possible, and a contact email and/or phone number as people if interested will contact you direct.  After I publish the post, I will then send you the link so you can check it and share it as well if you want.

Although I am based in the North-West of France, I am not going to limit it to just  to where I live as I do publish national stories as well.  I tend to get several hundred views every day, so hopefully it may just help you get that extra exposure for you, to get that sale.

As I have said, it is FREE of charge, but I am only doing it for private individuals.

If interested contact me with the contact form with an email address and I will be in contact with you.

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