The number of beneficiaries of the CMU-C increases further

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More people are claiming CMU-C

More people are claiming CMU-CThe number of beneficiaries of aid with access to care …

The number of beneficiaries of aid for access to care (CMU-C and ABS) continued to grow in 2014 to over six million people, despite a still significant level of eligible people who do not request it, according to a report released Wednesday.

The CMU Fund activity report confirms first data already released last month: 5.2 million (+ 6.3%) benefited from the end of 2014 supplementary universal health cover (CMU-C), which allows for free treatment in case of low incomes.

As for the complementary health aid (ACS), offering a financial boost towards health services, which is means tested, it has benefited 1.2 million people (3.9%).

The CMU Fund makes two explanations for these developments. The first is the increase in the July 2013 award ceilings.  An estimated 300,000 more people could be affected by the CMU-C and 370,000 by the ACS.

The other reason is the persistence of “the economic crisis and social insecurity.”

But the number of beneficiaries could be even higher if all those eligible for this aid, actually requested it.  According to the report, the percentage of those who used it was estimated “between 60 and 72%” to the CMU-C in 2013, “between 28% and 41%” only for the ACS.

The beneficiaries of the CMU-C are more likely in the overseas departments (32% of the population) than in mainland France (7% of the population). In mainland France, the departments most affected are located in the north, southeast and in the Paris region.

The age group of the population that benefit from the scheme are normally young and predominantly female: 44% under 20 and 57% of recipients over 20 years are women.

The profile of those within the ACS is different: they are older (35% over 60 years), women are also more likely (61%).  The CMU Fund notes that the proportion of women increases significantly with age.

The total expenditure for the CMU-C reached in 2014 just over € 2 billion and the ACS 275 million euros.


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