Russia will not penalize France over Mistral decision: Putin

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No Penalalties for France for the non delivery of warships
No Penalalties for France for the non delivery of warships
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in a live broadcast nationwide call-in in Moscow April 16, 2015.

I was reading earlier an article on Reuters, that Russia will not impose penalties against France over its failure to fulfill a 1.2 billion euro contract to supply two Mistral helicopter carriers, Russian President Vladimir Putin said today, Thursday.

During his annual televised call in show, President Putin said “We do intend to seek any penalties or fines … but it is necessary that all costs we have incurred are covered”.

“I assume the current French leadership and the French generally are good people and will return our money,” he said.

Last Year, France decided to suspend indefinitely the delivery of the first of the two warships ordered by Russia because of Moscow’s role in the Ukraine crisis and the issuing of sanctions against Russia..

President Putin added that the non delivery of the two warships, would not hurt the defense capability by the France’s decision.

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