The Sebastopol ready for Sea Trials

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SebastopolThe Sebastopol, the second helicopter carrier being built for Russia in Saint Nazaire, should make his first series of sea trials during the week of March 16 to 22.

The BPC is currently at 96% completion, and is originally scheduled for delivery later this year in the month of October.

But at the moment, it is unclear what will happen to the ship, as the other completed ship, the Vladivostok, is still waiting at the port of Saint-Nazaire for its delivery.  Delivery was scheduled originally scheduled for November, but this was suspended by the President, François Hollande because of the crisis in Ukraine.

On February 12, the day of the Minsk agreement, the peace agreement for Ulkraine was agreed, the president re-affirmed that the conditions were “still not met”, so the boats will remain at port in Saint Nazaire, until this is resolved.

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