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olympic Bid for Paris

olympic Bid for ParisThe Paris Municipal Council will make an official decision in April as to whether the French capital should bid to host the Olympic games in 2024, a move that most of the French public backs.

According to Bernard Lapasset who headed an official committee that presented a report on the possible campaign to the French government last week, said “France has the qualities to win” the Olympic race.  He added that France needed to “move as quickly as possible” onto negotiations with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) about a bid.

It will now be submitted for approval by the mayors of the 20 Paris arrondissements in March and in April, they will hold a full City Council vote on the decision.  If agreed the cost of the games is estimated at just under 4.5 million Euros.

If Paris decides to enter, it will have to beat a strong field of contenders.  Italy has already announced that Rome lead the the Italian bid. The US city of Boston is also a candidate while Germany are still deciding between Berlin and Hamburg.  Durban in South Africa could press to become the first African host of the Games.

Istanbul, who were runners-up to Tokyo for the 2020 Games, is also considering a new bid. Doha and Baku, the Azerbaijan capital, have also been mentioned as possible candidates.

In a poll earlier this week, a total of 73 percent of French people said they would like to see the Games return to Paris for the third time, with the previous games being held in 1900 and 1924.


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