80 Million Active Sim Cards in France

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sim cardI was reading an article today, that was saying that the mobile market here in France continues to remain strong and robust, with nearly 80 million active SIM cards in France, an increase of just over 4%.

The increased growth, is explained by lower more competitive pricing as well as more and more people are having mobile connected devices.  driven by continued low pricing, interesting features, services and offers, and a public becoming more and more attached to their mobile devices.

A larger proportion of the new sim cards are on contracts instead of pre-paid cards, but the type of contracts has also changed to more non-engagement contracts which enable customers to switch operators a lot easier than before, and making it harder to for the telecom providers to retain customer loyalty, which they have become use to in previous years.

This has a good effect for customers and new potential customers, as they scramble to offer better and better deals to try and gain market share.

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