Millions More Switching to 4G

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Millions More Switching to 4G 1

Increase 4G SubscribersWith more and more people using their smartphones for more than just a phone, and accessing more content than ever, the demand for faster access on the move is gaining pace with now 10 million French people having access to the nations various 4G mobile networks.

The uptake to this faster service is estimated to be 10 times faster than the previous uptake to 3G, and of the telecom companies, Orange is currently leading the competion with approx 3.3 million Subscribes, with SFR just behind on 3 million and Bouygues trailing behind at 2.5 million.  Free Mobile have not officially released any numbers as of yet, although even they will admit that they are still playing catch-up to the other more established companies.

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