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Many companies on the internet, especially Paid to Click sites and many other similar GPT, and money maker sites have all added a new Payment Processor, which works on similar grounds to Paypal, and its called AlertPay.

With Alertpay, you can send money to anyone with an email

Alertpay - A New Way to Pay 2 Receive money
Alertpay - A New Way to Pay 2 Safe and secure
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AlertPay founder Firoz Patel saw a problem: PayPal and other payment processing companies catered well to mainstream merchants, but fell behind when it came to less serviceable markets.

“We saw this particularly with multi-level marketing,” he says. “Some clients simply need more time and attention when it comes to payments.”

In 2004, Patel launched Montreal-based AlertPay to make online payments easier. simplifies bank transfers, bank wires, direct deposits and other payment methods – everything except cash. AlertPay’s team of 25 works to ensure extra security for all transactions

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