Kermisse – Summer Fete


Yesterday, Sunday, was the date for the Kermisse, the annual summer fete. This wonderful event is held each year, just before the children finish for the long summer break.

At about 2pm all the children assembled at school, all dressed up in Fancy dress, and then the parade started, led by the local marching band and the local majorettes, and continued around the church then onto the village hall and recreation ground, where all the classes then performed a short song and dance routine, watched by all the parents.

The field was dominated by the large marquee which offered welcome shade from the hot sunshine, a bouncy castle for the children, many fun fair type stalls, for the children to spend there (mine) money on, face painting, crepes for sale with many different fillings and of course the usual bar.

During the afternoon, there was a demonstration of sheep shearing and many games played by the parents, including me, to the delight of the watching children.

As the day flew by and evening started to approach, everyone took their places at the trestle tables inside the marquee, where we all tucked in to plates of grilled steak, sausages and salad, washed down with plenty of wine. As we all ate, drank and chatted with our friends, a group were singing and performing traditional folk songs, before the disco took us into the early hours.

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