Beginning of the winter sales in Paris, January 20, 2021

First Day of Sales: Little Traffic, but Traders Remain Hopeful

With this period of the winter sales, businesses are not counting on a miracle but still hope to end this winter season smoothly, shaken by the health crisis. Masks, a national curfew from 6 pm to 6 am … Will the public be there for the winter sales, which started on Wednesday 20th January 2021, despite the constraints? The […]

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The winter sales in France start on Wednesday 8th January

Winter Sales: Departure Wednesday 8th January for Four Weeks

The winter sales start on the 8th January 2020 and go from six weeks to four, in accordance with the Pacte law to respect the wishes of traders and artisans. “Too many sales kill sales!” This is sort of the message from the government, which has decided to reduce this period of store discounts to four weeks – compared to six previously. The winter sales officially […]

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The winter sales kickoff was given in Lorraine on Wednesday 2 January 2019

Winter Sales Begin this Wednesday in Lorraine, a Week Before the Rest of the Country

The launch of the winter sales in 2019 was given in Lorraine on Wednesday 2ndJanuary. Customers have six weeks to shop for the last time before the Pact Act. Let’s go ! The winter sales officially started in Lorraine Wednesday 2nd January, 2019, one week before the other regions of France . Lorraine, wanting to align with the date of the Luxembourg sales , which began […]

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The winter sales in France could be reduced to just 4 weeks in 2019

Launch of the Winter Sales: Soon to be Decreased to Four Weeks

While the winter sales start on Wednesday, the government plans a reduction from six to four weeks in 2019, and wants to set up a “Black friday” in the spring. The winter sales, which begin on Wednesday 10th January to the 20th February will probably be the last to last as long: the government announced on Tuesday that […]

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The figures for the winter sales in France looks disappointing

Winter sales: Disappointing, with Sales Down

The winter sales of 2017 ends on Tuesday evening, a disappointing record. Sales in shops are down. For some professionals, there is an overdose of promotions and private sales throughout the year. “Disappointing”, “bad thought”, drop in attendance and sales: the winter sales, which end on Tuesday night, did not perform as expected, partly because of […]

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The winter sales officially start today in France

The Winter Sales Start in Uncertainty and Without the Old Euphoria

CONSUMPTION: The official start of bargain hunting at the Winter Sales starts at 8 o’clock in the Parisian department stores … Starting signal for the winter sales in France. They start on Wednesday for six weeks amid uncertainty after a lackluster season for retailers facing consumers now accustomed to promotions throughout the year. The official […]

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