Cash Machines in the centre of Rennes have been vandalised, meaning a shortage of Cash

Rennes: Shortage of Money Because Distributors Vandalized

Bank cash distributors are prime targets of vandals. Many were vandalized in Rennes. Hard to withdraw money! “I have clients who came to me and asked me if they could make me a credit card to give them cash” is a question often asked to shop owners in the town centre of Rennes.  A request they refuse, […]

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Francois Hollande has denounced the violence in Rennes

François Hollande Denounces the Violence in Rennes

On an official visit to Nigeria, President of the Republic spoke about the situation in Rennes, plagued sensitive. François Hollande denounces the violence in Rennes … Whilst on an official trip to Abuja, Nigeria, president Francois Hollande denounced the damage committed on Friday evening in the centre of Rennes by some 300 rioters. “No violence […]

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