The quality and taste of tomatoes are far from satisfactory in the eyes of the French

Quality, Taste … The French Disappointed with Tomatoes and Melons

In a survey published Tuesday 13th August 2019, the association CLCV looked into the quality of tomatoes and melons sold in France. And there is progress to be made. Of tomatoes as bland a green salad. Of melons bitter and chalky … This summer, some fruit among the most consumed in France are far from unanimous among consumers. This is what […]

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Shops misleading customers by mis-labelling tomatoes

Shops Accused Over Tomato Labelling

Consumer group accuses supermarkets of misleading customers …. A consumer group has claimed that tomatoes are being wrongly labelled in French supermarkets to give customers the impression they are buying the highest quality.  An investigation by the CLCV claims that the big retail chains are capitalising on the popularity of plump, juicy oxheart ‘cœur de […]

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