10 Euros for a packet of cigarettes by 2020 in France

10 euros by the end of 2020, Pack of Cigarettes to Fund the Social Security Budget

MPs voted in committee to increase the price of tobacco under the budget of Social Security, up to 10 euros per pack of cigarettes by the end of 2020. MPs voted on Tuesday in committee the rising price of tobacco under the budget of Social Security, to 10 euros per pack of cigarettes by the end of […]

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You will not be able to Vape in public places

Smoking: What are Public Places where you can Legally Vape

PUBLIC HEALTH: From 1st October 2017, it will be prohibited to “Vape” in many public places” … Bad news for fans of the electronic cigarette . From 1 October it will not be possible vape in the office or on the subway. Indeed, several provisions of the law of 26 January 2016 modernising our health system surrounding vaping come into force […]

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Cigarette sales in France have incresed in the first half of 2017

Smoking: Cigarette Sales up 9% in First Half 2017

HEALTH: Between January and July 2017, cigarette sales increased 9.2% despite the introduction of neutral package … Seven months after the arrival of neutral package , imposed by law on the 1st January 2017, cigarette sales have increased according to information published Wednesday by RTL. Sales increased by 9.2% between January and July 2017 after the French customs, confirming […]

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Plain Packaging has not affected sales of cigarettes and tobacco in France

Smoking: Four months after neutral packaging, it does not influence smoking

CIGARETTE:  shipments of cigarettes to tobacconists are up 1.4% in Q1 2017 compared to those of the first three months of 2016 … It had to be “the” measure to reduce smoking . But neutral packages, whose presence on the shelves of newsagents has been mandatory since the 1st January 2017, did not produce the […]

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Manufacturers not passing on latest tax increase of cigarettes to consumers

Smoking: Cigarette Prices will Remain Stable, Rolling Tobacco Increases

Manufacturers have ultimately not raised the price of pack of cigarettes despite rising taxes … Good news for smokers. The price of cigarette packs will remain stable, with several marks staying at the same price, despite threats of manufacturers to pass a tax on the distribution, when the price of rolling tobacco is it on […]

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The majority of French are against electronic cigarettes at work

Electronic Cigarettes : French against their use at work

SURVEY : They are also very skeptical about the effects of electronic cigarettes on their tobacco addiction … Six in ten French, support the ban on electronic cigarettes at work, which is one of the measures to fight against smoking included in the draft health law currently being discussed in the National Assembly. According to a survey by Odoxa […]

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Bordeaux, 27 mars 2013. - Jeune femme fumant au volant en presence d'un enfant. - Photo : Sebastien Ortola

Ban to Smoking in a Car with a Child

New figures being published in france show that passive smoking is found responsible for the death of 73,000 people. The health care bill currently being debated before the National Assembly, contains the ban on smoking in cars carrying children under the age of 12. A “measure of common sense,” according to Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, “because the concentration […]

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