Photo released on March 28, 2020 by 10 Downing Street of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson by videoconference from his home in London.

United Kingdom: Hospitalized, Prime Minister Boris Johnson “Stays in Control”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was diagnosed with coronavirus ten days ago, spent the night last night in the hospital for a thorough examination. Contaminated by the new coronavirus and now hospitalised, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson “remains in control”, according to his team, but leaves Downing Street without a captain at a time when the pandemic is worsening dramatically in […]

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In the face of Brexit, the Quenn calls for unity

In the Face of Brexit, Queen Elizabeth II Calls on the British to Get Along

In keeping with her duty of confidentiality, Queen Elizabeth II invited the British people to come to an understanding in a context of strong divisions around Brexit. In the face of divisions tearing her country apart, Queen Elizabeth II called on the British to agree and respect one another, while being careful not to reveal her feelings about […]

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