French Ambassador to Russia Pierre Levy at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow where French people are preparing to be repatriated on April 4, 2020.

Coronavirus: Nearly 170 French Returnees from Russia by Plane

A flight organized by the French Embassy allowed the repatriation of French nationals, who were stranded in Russia. Going back to France, one of the European countries most affected by coronavirus , or staying in Russia where the number of infected people is skyrocketing after having been insignificant for a long time? For Christian Querouix, a French pensioner […]

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Coronavirus Covid-19: Passers-by Return to the Streets, Fear of Loosening Confinement 1

Coronavirus Covid-19: Passers-by Return to the Streets, Fear of Loosening Confinement

With the beautiful days and the beginning of the Easter holidays, the observation is there: passers-by are back on the streets, despite the confinement measures. With the start of the holidays in France and the sun shining all over the country, the authorities fear a loosening of confinement, while the death toll from the coronavirus has jumped […]

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Numerous controls are carried out on Friday, April 3, 2020 on the main roads of Paris, to enforce confinement and prevent departures on vacation.

Confinement and Departure on Vacation: Police Checks and Roadblocks on the Paris Ring Road

The school holidays begin Friday 3rd April 2020 but with confinement, the Paris police have implemented checks and roadblocks to avoid residents from leaving their homes. Overshadowed by his polemical remarks making the link between non-compliance with confinement and hospitalisation in intensive care, the promise of the severity of the Paris police prefect, Didier Lallement, is at work Friday, April […]

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On Sunday, April 5, 2020, two new health trains will leave from Paris to transfer 48 coronavirus patients to hospitals in Brittany.

Brittany: Two New Medical TGVs will Transfer 48 Patients from Paris to Brittany

On Sunday 5th April 2020, two new health TGV trains will leave from Paris to transfer 48, coronavirus patients, to hospitals in Brittany. Of medicalized TGV has transported 36 patients Coronavirus Covid-19 trial in serious condition Wednesday 1st April 2020 from Paris to Brittany. These were distributed among the hospitals of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor) and Brest (Finistère). Two additional sanitary trains will be chartered […]

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Tens of thousands of masks have been seized by the police since March 17, 2020. On Thursday April 2, a first conviction was pronounced.

Coronavirus in Paris: First Sentence to Prison for Illegal Sale of Masks

Masks, a rare commodity in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, arouse lust: for the first time, Thursday 12th April, a man was sentenced for the illegal resale in Paris. It is the first, it is not the last: Thursday 2nd April 2020 in Paris, a man was sentenced to one year in prison for the illegal […]

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A line of ambulances leave Saint-Brieuc station on April 1, 2020 with patients who have just arrived from Paris.

Coronavirus Covid-19: 36 Serious Cases from Paris Arrived in Brittany by Medical TGV

Two medical TGVs from Paris arrived in Brittany, carrying 36 serious cases of Coronavirus Covid-19. The goal is to unclog hospitals in Île-de-France. Two medical TGVs evacuated Wednesday 1st April 2020 from Paris to Brittany 36 patients with coronavirus in intensive care, found journalists from AFP, the first major operation of this kind from Ile-de-France, now the region most affected by the epidemic. Les […]

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The 2020 edition of the Paris Motor Show will not take place in "its current form", the organizers indicated on Monday 30 March 2020.

Coronavirus: World Motor Show, Scheduled for October in Paris, is Cancelled

The organisers of the World Motor Show, traditionally held in October in Paris, announced the cancellation “in its current form” of the 2020 edition. The coronavirus health crisis is coupled with an unprecedented economic crisis. Monday 30th March 2020, the organizers of one of the biggest meetings in the automotive world, the  World Motor Show, announced that the event […]

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The 74-year-old singer Christophe was hospitalized on Thursday March 26, 2020 in Paris, in intensive care.

Coronavirus: Singer Christophe HospitaliSed in Paris in Intensive care for Five Days

The singer Christophe, 74 years old, was hospitalised Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, in intensive care. He has tested positive for coronavirus covid-19 He has been hospitalized since Thursday 26th March 2020 in a Paris hospital, we learned Sunday 29th March: the singer Christophe was taken care of in an intensive care unit of the AP-HP. He would have tested […]

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The Roland-Garros postponed because of Coronavirus

Coronavirus: The Roland-Garros Tournament Postponed to September

Tuesday 17th March 2020, the organizers of the Roland-Garros tennis tournament, disputed in Paris, announced its postponement to September, due to the coronavirus pandemic. After the Euro football, the Roland-Garros tennis tournament. The world of sport was already stopped for several days, it will be still for a few weeks. Read also: Coronavirus: UEFA postpones Euro football to summer 2021 From […]

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A coronavirus case has been identified among Disneyland Paris staff, but the park remains open.

Coronavirus in Paris: A Disneyland Employee Tested Positive but the Park Remains Open

CONTAMINATION: The Disneyland employee with the coronavirus was not in contact with the public, said park management A maintenance employee working at night at Disneyland Paris, and “who is not in contact” with the public, tested positive for the new coronavirus, said Monday the management of the leisure park. “It is a maintenance employee, a night shift, who was on […]

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