Photo from April 27, 2018 released by NASA of the robot InSight launched on May 5, 2018 for a mission to Mars

Seismic Activities Identified on Mars, A First

During its fifteen months of presence on Mars, the device recorded nearly 500 earthquakes. So far, no tremor has been clearly identified on the red planet. In fifteen months of presence on Mars, the InSight robot and its seismograph have already detected nearly 500 quivers from the bowels of the red planet, an abundant harvest that provides a […]

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Astronaut Christina Koch Returns to Earth after Eleven Months on the ISS, a Record 1

Astronaut Christina Koch Returns to Earth after Eleven Months on the ISS, a Record

SPACE: The 41-year-old astronaut, Christina Koch spent 328 days on the International Space Station “Happy” to return to Earth, the American astronaut Christina Koch landed this Thursday in the Kazakh steppes, after having spent almost a year onboard the International Space Station (ISS). She now holds the record for time spent in space. VIDEO: NASA’s Christina Koch returns to Earth safely after shattering […]

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NASA discover Earth like planet "TOI 700d" with TESS

NASA’S TESS Satellite Discovered a Planet the Size of Earth in a “Habitable” Area

NASA announced on Monday that its planet hunter TESS satellite has made it possible to discover a new planet the size of Earth and at a distance neither too close nor too far from its star for liquid water to be there (maybe). The planet is called “TOI 700 d” and is relatively close to […]

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NASA will rent the International Space Station to tourists: $ 35,000 per night

NASA will Rent the International Space Station to Tourists: $ 35,000 Per Night

Count around $ 35,000 per night and per astronaut. The first tourists will be able to go there in 2020 and thus develop “the economy of space”. Twenty years after Russia, NASA wants to get paid from 2020 to accommodate space tourists and companies in the International Space Station (ISS), which it seeks to disengage financially. “NASA is opening the […]

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Moon target for US Astronauts in 2024

Moon target for US Astronauts in 2024

President Donald Trump wants to accelerate the return of American astronauts to the moon, within five years, 47 years after the end of the Apollo missions. Forty-seven years after the Apollo missions , the Americans want to be the next to tread the moon again . The government of Donald Trump announced Tuesday 27th March, 2019 an acceleration of the return of American […]

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The Dragon Capsule being collected from Atlantic

NASA and SpaceX Celebrate Successful Round-Trip of Dragon Capsule in Space

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule landed on Friday 8th March, 2019 in the Atlantic after six days in space, paving the way for new manned flights from the United States. Mission accomplished for SpaceX’s new SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule.  It landed Friday 8th March, 2019 in the Atlantic after six days in space, a demonstration that paves the way for […]

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SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule on a Falcon 9 rocket at Kennedy Space Center, January 29, 2019 in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

SpaceX Sends Mannequin into Space before new American Astronauts

SpaceX will try Saturday to send a mannequin to the International Space Station, before sending new Americans into space, which has not happened since 2011. This is a launch that should not be missed. With three years behind the initial schedule, SpaceX will try Saturday 2nd March to send a mannequin to the International Space Station (ISS). From this launch […]

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Two astronauts on the way to the ISS on a soyuz rocket, abort and make emergency landing

ISS: Two Astronauts Aboard the Soyuz Rocket Land in Emergency

Two astronauts aboard the Soyuz rocket, which was due to visit the International Space Station (ISS), landed in emergency in Kazakhstan on Thursday US astronaut Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovitchinin landed in Kazakhstan in emergency after the failure of one of the engines of the Soyuz rocket. They were on board the rocket to take them on […]

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The asteroid Florence that grazed Earth has two moons

The Asteroid Florence, which “Grazed” the Earth has Two Moons

Nasa’s radar images have identified the asteroid Florence that passed close to Earth on Friday, September 1st, was equipped with two small moons. Florence, largest asteroid to have approached close to Earth in more than a century, has two small moons, showed radar images from NASA, captured during his visit on the 1st September at […]

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NASA has released ISS filmed the west of France and Europe in ultra high definition.

NASA Filmed the West of France and Europe in Ultra High Definition

You have three minutes? Want to visit Europe? So climb aboard the International Space Station and enjoy the show, filmed in high definition by NASA. The ISS, International Space Station or, you know, now. It was the home of the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet for more than six months. And the scientist from Normandy took a number of shots, photos […]

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