Breakdown at Montparnasse station: return of traffic to normal

Breakdown at Montparnasse Station: Return of Normal Traffic

After several incidents Thursday 31st January, 2019 at the station of Paris-Montparnasse, the TGV traffic “on the Atlantic arc” returned to normal this Friday morning. Traffic returned to normal Friday morning at the Montparnasse station where the movement of TGV was strongly disrupted all Thursday Thursday after a power failure, we learned from the SNCF. “This morning, on all […]

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SNCF traffic resumes to normal at Montparnasse Station in Paris

Montparnasse: SNCF will Ensure all its Trains on Friday

The SNCF announces that it plans to circulate all scheduled trains at the start and finish of the Paris station of Montparnasse on Friday, a week after the fire of a transformer. The SNCF announced Thursday that it planned to run all the trains scheduled for departure and arrival of Paris Montparnasse Friday, a week after the fire of […]

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SNCF are to start placing anti fraund gantries at its TGV platforms

SNCF: The Anti-Fraud Boarding Gantries Arrive

Paris-Montparnasse train station is the first to officially launch the new type of boarding, this Tuesday, 4th April. Travelers will now have to go through ticket validation terminals before boarding the train. The SNCF will install “gates” in 14 major TGV stations by the end of 2018 to fight against fraud, beginning on Tuesday at […]

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