Several departments are placed on Orange Alert for Storms and some for a heat wave

Weather Forecast: Seven Departments on Orange Alerts for Storms, Drôme and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence on Heatwave Alert

WEATHER ORANGE ALERT: Maximum temperatures will average for some areas from 35 to 39 degrees Météo France is maintaining nine departments this Thursday morning in orange alert for the risk of thunderstorms. These are Ain, Rhône, Loire, Haute-Loire, Haute-Savoie, Savoie and Isère. Meteo France specifies that the situation requires “particular vigilance insofar as there is a high probability of […]

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The massif of the Pyrenees has been hit by heavy snow over the weekend, roads are inaccessible, especially to Andorra ...

Pyrénées: The Snow has Fallen (in large quantities) and Roads are Cut

WEATHER: The massif of the Pyrénées has been hit by heavy snow over the weekend, roads are inaccessible, especially to Andorra … It snowed a lot in the Pyrénées during this weekend marked by the return of the cold. This Sunday, four departments of the massif were placed on orange alert by Meteo France because of the risk […]

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Fifteen departments in the Southwest and the Central Massif have been placed on Orange Alert

Fifteen Departments of Central and Southwest Placed in Orange Alert for Severe Storms

WEATHER: Meteo France placed 15 departments of Midi-Pyrénées and the Massif Central in orange alert for thunderstorms late in the day. They will be accompanied by heavy rain and hail in places … Take cover from 4pm. Meteo France placed 15 departments of the South West and the Massif Central in orange alert for thunderstorms and rain-flood . They should touch […]

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Storm Marcel: Nine departments in Orange alert 1

Storm Marcel: Nine departments in Orange alert

Nine departments of southern France are orange alert for strong winds until 4pm on Monday. This Sunday, the storm “Marcel” has caused no major damage but almost 56 000 homes were still without electricity in the afternoon. After the storm Leiv, there is now a new depression and storm Marcel, with gusts up to 141 km/h, […]

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Two hunters have been killed in seperate hunting accidents in the Midi-Pyrenees

Midi-Pyrenees: Two Hunters Killed this Weekend

Both hunters in the Midi-Pyrenees shot by a bullet in the head … A dark weekend in Midi-Pyrenees, where two people were killed during hunting trips. On Saturday afternoon near to Illartien, in Ariege, a 38-year-old hunter was killed by a bullet to the head during a battered boar, according to France 3 Sud.  Sunday morning, […]

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30 communes in the Pyrenees, to be connected

Midi-Pyrenees: 30 Communes “Cut off from the World” Connected by End of 2016

With 30 towns without Internet or mobile phone, the region is the second in France that the largest number of white areas. They should be covered end of 2016 … What is the common point between the small town of high-garonnais Montberaud, with a population of 216, and the even smaller village Clapier, in Aveyron? […]

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