The sale of paracetamol is restricted from Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Coronavirus: The Sale of Paracetamol Restricted to One Box per Person as of Wednesday

The National Medicines Safety Agency announces measures to limit the sale of paracetamol, which is useful in the current health crisis in the country. In full containment set up to stop the spread of the coronavirus in France, the National Medicines Safety Agency just announced on Tuesday 17th March 2020 that paracetamol would be rationed as of Wednesday 18th March […]

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In ten years, the price of some over-the-counter drugs has gone up.

Nurofen, Strepsil, Maalox … The Prices of Nonprescription Drugs Soar

Headache, throat, heartburn … People who have the reflex of non-prescription drugs can pay dearly, as prices have exploded in 10 years. Details. It must have been a means of relieving the French portfolio. But since the authorization for pharmacies  to sell certain drugs in open access , the expected goal is not there. In a report published by Familles Rurales Tuesday, April […]

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