Migrants aboard the Ocean Viking read articles on their odyssey, August 21, 2019.

Wind of Panic on the Ocean Viking: “They Want to Send Us Back to Libya! “

A furious rumour has swept the humanitarian boat, Ocean Viking on which 356 migrant survivors are found, testifying to the mistreatment they received in Libya A misunderstanding sowed a panic Wednesday 21st August 2019 aboard the Ocean Viking. A communication error made 356 survivors waiting for a port of landing think that they could be sent back to Libya. Read also: Ocean Viking: […]

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More than 110 migrants missing after sinking off Liby

More than 110 Migrants Missing after Sinking off Libya

This is “the worst tragedy in the Mediterranean this year,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Thursday 25th July 2019. More than 110 migrants are missing after the sinking of their boat off Libya on Thursday, July 25, 2019, a new drama described by the UN as the “worst” tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea this year. According to the International […]

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Sinking off the coast of Tunisia: more than 80 missing migrants

Sinking off the Coast of Tunisia: More than 80 Missing Migrants

An inflatable boat with more than 80 migrants aboard, mainly from West Africa, was wrecked between Libya and Tunisia. There are only three survivors. A boat with more than 80 migrants on board was wrecked between Libya and Tunisia, leaving fears of dozens dead, according to the testimony of one of the three survivors who spent two days hooked to what […]

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The Jihadist Mokhtar Belkmokhtar is thought to have been killed in French air strikes in Libya

The Jihadist Mokhtar Belkmokhtar Probably Died from a French Strike

The French bombardment which took place in November in Libya, with the help of US intelligence, Probably the Jihadist … France, aided by the United States, recently conducted an airstrike in Libya against the Algerian jihadist of Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who was probably killed, according to a US official The US official confirmed reports in the […]

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