Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron happen in the first round of presidential elections.

Presidential Survey: The gap between Le Pen and Macron Reduces

According to a survey released Tuesday, Marine Le Pen continues to lead in voting intentions for the first round of presidential elections. But it is closely followed by Emmanuel Macron, one point behind. Marine Le Pen is ahead of Emmanuel by just a point, with 26% against 25% in voting intentions in the first round […]

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Jean- Marie Le pen Suspended from Party

FN founder Jean-Marie Le Pen suspended from far-right party

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the eccentric founder of France’s National Front (FN), was on Monday suspended from the far-right party for making inflammatory comments about the Holocaust. It was not immediately clear how long the suspension would last. Eighty-six-year-old Le Pen may also be stripped of his title as the FN’s honorary president after he last […]

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