La trêve hivernale starts on November 1st and suspends evictions for five months

Housing: La Trêve Hivernale starts on November 1st

Respite for thousands of families, mobilization for associations: La Trêve Hivernale (the winter break), which begins on Wednesday 1st November suspends evictions for a period of five months. Respite for thousands of families, mobilization for associations: La Trêve Hivernale (the winter break), which begins today, Wednesday 1st November, suspends evictions for five months, during which associations […]

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Near to Lorient train station, 74 dwellings to be built by the end of 2018

Near Lorient Train Station, 74 dwellings for the end of 2018

Property: A new building program has been launched near Lorient train station. 74 apartments will be sold, some at € 3,500 per m2, some 1,000 euros cheaper and eleven are intended for social rented housing. The Rennes Lamotte developer has just started marketing 74 apartments at the Quai Chazelles program. The three buildings will be […]

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Property prices in the major cities of France are rising

Property Prices Continue to Rise in Major Cities, including Bordeaux

REAL ESTATE: The MeilleursAgents site indicates a sharp rise in property prices in January 2017, amid rising interest rates, except in Lille where the measurement of rent control would affect … According to the new edition of the monthly survey of real estate prices of , soaring property prices in major cities of France continued […]

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Mortgage rates are expected to stay low

Mortgage Rates Should Remain Low Until End of the Year

The mortgage rates are expected to remain at levels … The mortgage rates here in France are expected to remain at historically low levels until late 2015, say credit brokers. Friday Immoprêt broker observes in its latest barometer, from May to June, credit rates have mostly fallen “for the first time in recent months, although […]

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