Callicarpa is also called the candy tree. But beware, its berries are not edible.

These Five Berry Shrubs that Decorate our Gardens in Winter

You know the holly and the mistletoe but there are other more unusual shrubs that display bright berries… To install in plain view to enjoy the show! Violet bays: the callicarpa It is called the candy tree (although its berries are not edible) or callicarpa bodinieri: this deciduous shrub surprises with the density of its perfectly round purple […]

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Five tips for a successful vegetable patch

Garden: Five Tips for a Successful Vegetable Patch

With good weather, we all want beautiful vegetables … but we do not have the land to sow or plant. The solution: the vegetable patch! We tell you everything. Whether you want to grow aromatics, salads or tomatoes, raised gardening obeys certain principles, guaranteeing good results. We explain to you. 1. Choose the structure The gardens squares are often made […]

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Many councils are starting to adapt to not using pesticides before the law change in 2017

Pesticides: Without Waiting for 2017, Municipalities have their Green Revolution

Maintain the gardens and public parks without using … Maintain the gardens and public parks without using pesticides? Hundreds of towns have already done but in nine months, the law will impose this green revolution to all local authorities, despite the reluctance of many elected officials. “We often come up against the argument: this is […]

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