The National Health Security Agency (ANSES) calls for vigilance regarding diffusers of essential oils. (© Patryssia / AdobeStock)

Beware of Diffusers and Sprays of Essential Oils, warns ANSES

Irritation of the throat, nose or eyes, breathing difficulties … The national health security agency (ANSES) warns against the use of these everyday products. Products known to purify the air and purify our interiors, essential oil diffusers have gradually made their way to us. But they must be used with care so as not to become real poisons. This […]

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These vegetable juices are aesthetic and good for your health

These Vegetable Juices are Aesthetic and Good for your Health

Here is a best of vegetable juice that changes the classic carrot-orange! Ideal for a cure of vitamins and minerals or for a trendy and original aperitif … The red power: beetroot, carrot, grapefruit and ginger Here is a juice that will please children for its extraordinary colour.. and to all for its delicious taste. Red Power […]

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