“The Health Crisis is Not Behind Us” and Will Last “For Several More Months”, Warns Macron

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"The health crisis is not behind us" and will last "for several more months", warns Macron

HEALTH: The health crisis in France is not behind us warns Emmanuel Macron

“The health crisis is not behind us, very clearly, we will live for several more months with the virus,” Emmanuel Macron warned this Wednesday 11th August, warning of the “dramatic situation” in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

“The objective that I am going to set for you is very simple: it is the vaccination of all French people who can be vaccinated”, said the Head of State, opening a health defense council by videoconference from Fort Brégançon (Var).

“We must at least keep the target of 50 million vaccinated at the end of August,” he insisted. “We are on the right track”, since “37.8 million French people” are already fully vaccinated.

Pass Sanitaire

The pass sanitaitre (health pass), “it  was that or the closure of the country, or new curfews, confinements, new closures as we are starting to do in the West Indies, ” says Emmanuel Macron.

He called on the managers of these places to show good citizenship by recalling that the State has helped them during periods of closure. “ Let everyone remember that when there was no more turnover at all because of the epidemic, it was public money that made it possible to pay those responsible for these places. It is therefore legitimate to ask for a share of responsibility, ”he insisted.

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