Road safety checks in the Mayenne, ended with 17 licences withdrawn in a week

17 Licenses Withdrawn in One Week on the Roads of Mayenne

The police conducted new road checks on the roads of the Mayenne department, between 25th and 31st October.  On this occasion, they identified 17 infractions that resulted in immediate withdrawal of the driving license. The Police and the Gendarmes have withdrawn 17 driving licenses in a week on the roads of Mayenne, after an intensive […]

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In Laval, more roadside checks have led to the suspension of 17 driving Licences

Laval: 17 Driving Licences Withdrawn in One Week

Police and gendarmes conducted numerous checks on the roads of Mayenne.  Between the 12th and 18th April, 17 driving licences were suspended. After another crackdown by the police and the Gendarmes of the Mayenne department, seventeen driving licenses have been suspended in a week in laval.  In the vast majority of cases, drivers were caught […]

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Gendarmes in the Mayenne department have withdrawn 20 Driving licences this week

Mayenne, Twenty Driving Licenses Withdrawn in a Week

Between the 15th and 21st March, the police have identified numerous violations that led them to suspend 20 licenses on the spot. Police and gendarmes were mobilized again on the roads of Mayenne.  For the period of the 15th to the 21st March 2016, the police have suspended 20 driving licenses.  Nine of them were […]

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24 driving licences have been suspended in the Mayenne area

Mayenne: Twenty-Four Licenses Suspended betweem 8th to 14th December

Taken together, this is 134 months of driver’s license suspension. Roadside checks made between the 8th and the 14th December have led to the suspension of 24 licenses. In the Mayenne region, between the 8th and the 14th December 2015 twenty-four drivers had their license suspended as a result of roadside checks. Fifteen offences were for driving […]

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