A Threatening Sky for the Manche

Weather: A Threatening Sky in the Manche

After a restless night with thunderstorms and strong winds, the sky should remain threatening much of the day in the Manche. When there’s more … well there’s still … After the torrential rains last night, the storms and the wind this night, it’s again a day punctuated by the rain and the wind that awaits us in the Manche, according to Meteo […]

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Cotentin: A portion of the RN13 reduced to one lane since Monday morning

Cotentin: A Portion of the RN13 Reduced to One Lane since Monday Morning

A portion of the RN13 at Cotentin is reduced to one lane since Monday morning in the direction of Caen-Cherbourg between Delasse and Tollevast, about 5 km. A portion of the RN13 is reduced to one lane since Monday morning August 19th 2019 in the direction Caen-Cherbourg between Delasse and Tollevast, about 5 km. Cones placed on […]

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In Normandy at Cotentin, normal service to the Channel Islands resumes on August 18

Normandy: Between Cotentin and the Channel Islands, Crossings will Resume around August 18th

Due to technical problems, crossings between North Cotentin (Normandy) and the Channel Islands are interrupted. The company Manche Iles Express announces restarting on August 18th. Since the end of July, links between the Channel Islands and the ports of Diélette and Carteret (Normandy) have been interrupted . Due to a technical problem on its boats, and in particular […]

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Off the coast of Normandy, A passenger from Brittany Ferries' ship had to be hoisted.

Normandy: Medical Evacuation on a Passenger Ship off the North Cotentin

Sunday 17th June, at just after midnight, the Navy helicopter, based in Maupertus intervened on the Brittany Ferries “Bretagne” ship to evacuate a passenger in infarction off the Cotentin. On the night of Saturday 16th to Sunday 17th June, at 10 minutes past midnigth, an alert is launched by the ship Brittany Ferries, Bretagne  off the coast […]

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The vehicle ended up on the roof near Cotentin.

Cotentin: A Driver Comes Out Unscathed from a Spectacular Accident

This Thursday 19th April, 2018, a driver lost control of her Berlingo vehicle at Brick Cove in Fermanville near Cotenin. The car ended on the roof. This Thursday 19th April, for an indeterminate reason, a driver lost control of her Berlingo vehicle in a corner at the Anse du Brick in the town of Fermanville near Cotentin, while driving […]

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