This afternoon in the Charente, it is expected to reach 34 degrees

Weather in Charente: Another Hot Day, Up to 34 Degrees across the Department

WEATHER FORECAST:  It will be even hotter today across the whole of the Charente department, with temperatures expected to reach 34 degrees by mid afternoon … The weather will be summery this Saturday across the whole of the Charente department.  The heat is rising from the east of the country, while some thunderstorms are announced […]

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Cloudy day with showers and thunderstorms are forecast for the Chartente

Weather in Charente: Cloudy Weather, Some Showers and Thunderstorms

WEATHER FORECAST: The Charente will have a cloudy day, with some showers and even some thunderstorms … It is cool this morning in the Charente with 5 degrees around 8am.  The weather forecast for the day, according to Meteo France will be mostly cloudy, changing between light showers and heavy showers. Thunderstorms are forecast in the […]

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The weather in the Charente will be cooler and springlike this Monday

Weather in Charente: Cooler Spring Weather this Monday

WEATHER FORECAST: The weather returns back to normal springtime temperatures this Monday in the Charente … The weather becomes more springlike again this Monday morning. It rained during the night in Charente which brings a little freshness and the sky will remain congested part of the day before this release this afternoon. Meteo France are forecasting […]

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Meteo France forecast temperatures reaching 28 degrees in the Charente department

Weather in the Charente: 28 Degress at Mansle and Chalais

WEATHER FORECAST: Meteo France are predicting a wonderful day for the Charente department with 28 degrees expected at Mansle and Chalais … Meteo France are forecasting a very sunny day today across the whole of the Charente department, with almost summer type temperatures, with 28 degrees expected at Mansle in the north of the department […]

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