Riots after the Death of Nahel: Bruno Le Maire’s Main Announcements to Support Traders

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announces aid to businesses

FINANCIAL AID: The economy minister presented measures on Saturday to help traders whose stores have been targeted by damage and looting

After a fourth night of urban violence, Bercy presented aid this Saturday for traders whose stores were targeted by damage and looting. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire has asked insurers to extend reporting deadlines, reduce deductibles and quickly compensate professionals who are victims of the riots.

“We have asked insurers to be as simple as possible in handling procedures,” said Bruno Le Maire, who was speaking during a press briefing at the ministry with the Minister Delegate responsible in particular for SMEs and trade. Olivia Grégoire, after having received representatives of traders, hoteliers-restaurateurs, insurers and French banks.

“The deferral of payment of charges”

Bruno Le Maire also announced “the deferral of payment of social charges or tax charges” for traders affected by the damage. He also asked banks for “the greatest understanding in terms of processing deadlines” of traders and entrepreneurs affected by damage and looting committed during the violence that broke out in many cities in France after the death of young Nahel, killed by a policeman during a traffic check.

“This concerns the whole territory”, and in particular 250 tobacconists, 250 bank branches, 200 mass retail stores, from Aldi to Monoprix, fast food outlets, and a number of small fashion and sporting goods shops, noted the minister. Bruno Le Maire described these acts as “inexcusable, unspeakable and intolerable” and reaffirmed his desire to restore order. “There is no nation without order,” he said.

Crisis cells in each department

Bruno Le Maire invited traders “affected by acts of vandalism” to declare “as soon as possible” the claims to their insurance and expressed support for entrepreneurs and employees “in shock” to see their workplaces ransacked.

Crisis cells have been reactivated in each department and “we want to provide quick and strong responses”, said the minister, noting that “90 to 95% of traders are covered by claims and damage insurance”.

The possibility of extending the sales for a week

In addition, the possibility of extending sales for one week for affected businesses is being studied. “I asked to extend the sales period for an additional week,” said the minister.

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