The neonicotinoids, present in many phytosanitary products, attack the brains of larvae and baby bees.

Pesticides Would Cause Irreversible Damage to Bees’ Brains

A scientific study has revealed that the pesticides to which adult bees are exposed cause brain retardation, not without consequence, in their offspring. We know that bees are the first victims of pesticides. And that, even before their birth. According to a study published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society, the simple fact that an adult bee is exposed to phytosanitary […]

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The bees of Notre-Dame are survivors

The 200,000 Bees of Notre-Dame Have Survived the Fire

This is confirmed by the beekeeper in charge of the hives of the Notre-Dame cathedral, this Thursday 18th April, 2019 Survivors The some 200,000 bees that populate the hives of Notre-Dame cathedral resisted the fire that destroyed the roof of the building, Monday , April 15, 2019. This is what the beekeeper announced. the charge to AFP . “The bees are alive. Until Thursday morning, around 11 […]

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Beekeepers warn of a decline in bees

After a Harsh Winter for Bees, the Alarm Call of Beekeepers

Beekeepers demonstrated on Thursday in several cities in France to claim exceptional help and a more favourable environment for pollinating bees. At the end of a harsh winter for bees, beekeepers demonstrated on Thursday in several cities across France to claim exceptional help and a more favorable environment for pollinators. With the support of a surprise guest: Nicolas Hulot . […]

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Closer and Transform, two new pesticides US manufacturer Dow, are accused by an association to present a risk to the health of bees

Bees: The sale in France of Pesticides, Closer and Transform Suspended

Seized by environmentalists, the Nice Administrative Court suspended on Friday the permission to market two new pesticides. Seized by environmentalists, the Nice Administrative Court , acting in chambers, suspended Friday for permission to market two new pesticides US manufacturer Dow accused of posing a risk to the health of bees. Both pesticides concerned, Transform and Closer, already authorized by Dow […]

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