An accident between two yachts caused the death of a 29-year-old man, Saturday, May 25, 2019, off Cannes.

Cannes: 29 Year old British Man Dies in a Collision between Two Yachts

Saturday 25th May, 2019, around 9pm a collision occurred between two yachts in the bay of Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes). One of the crew members, a 29-year-old man, died. Drama off Cannes . Saturday 25th May, 2019, two yachts, about twenty meters each, collided around 9pm. One, the Vision was maneuvering while the other, the Minx , was at anchor, near Sainte-Marguerite Island. In shock, a 29-year-old British man […]

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Heavy rain is expected in the night from Sunday to Monday across Alpes-Maritime and Corsica, placing them on Orange Alert by Meteo France ...

Weather: Alpes-Maritimes and Corsica Placed on Orange Alert

WEATHER: Heavy rain is expected in the night from Sunday to Monday across Alpes-Maritime and Corsica, placing them on Orange Alert by Meteo France … The elements will be unleashed in the south of the country. Meteo-France has placed the Alpes-Maritimes in orange alert  and the Corsica where heavy rain storms are expected in the night from Sunday to Monday. “They can be […]

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Drought crisis in the Alpes-Maritime

Nice: The Drought Continues, the Alpes-Maritimes in “Crisis”

WEATHER: The prefecture of the Alpes-Maritimes has set the weather alert to its maximum … Watering crops, irrigation of golf or car washing is prohibited. Between 30 and 40 mm of rain from Saturday to Monday. Fields yellowed river at the lowest … The alert drought reached Monday its maximum level within the Alpes-Maritimes . “Les bassins de […]

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Marisol Touraine announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals for psychological treatment, following the attack in Nice.

Nice attack: 24 New Positions in the Alpes-Maritimes Hospitals

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospital for psychological treatment “in the life” of people traumatized by the attack in Nice “To allow the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals provide counseling of traumatized people in the period , I decided to create new positions,” says the minister in […]

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The resort at Isola 2000 mercantour is cut off as an Avalanche has blocked the access road

Riviera: The station Isola 2000 Cut from the World after Avalanche

Since Sunday, Mercantour is on orange alert “avalanches” … The latest heavy snow has hit the access to the ski station.  “Due to an avalanche on the access road to Isola 2000 (RM 97 – Isola), it is cut in both directions to traffic, since 1.15am Monday morning, for an indefinite period,”  indicated the department Alpes-Maritimes and […]

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Two Germans missing since the floods have been found safe

Bad Weather in the Alpes-Maritimes. The Two Germans found Alive

The couple of Germans missing since the floods on the night of the 3rd to 4th October was found safe, said the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture. The German couple had rented an apartment in Cannes, but never went there,  said the prefecture, which means that they were never missing in the first place. 20 dead The highest […]

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Damage caused by Bad weather esimated up to 650 million euros

Bad Weather on the French Riviera: The Estimated Bill Between 550 and 650 Million euros

The French Insurance Association (AFA) published Friday a first estimate … Flooded homes, swept away cars, roads and blocked railways … Nearly a week after the bad weather that caused the death of twenty people in the Alpes-Maritimes, it is time for the claims to start with insurers. According to an estimate published on Friday […]

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The death toll has now reached 20 victims from the stoms

Bad Weather in the Alpes-Maritimes. A 20th Victim in Cannes

The toll was 20 dead by Monday night in … The assessment of the bad weather that included severe flooding that devastated parts of the Riviera on Saturday amounted on Monday night with 20 dead, with the discovery of the body of a woman of 82 years, while the disappearance of two Germans was announced. […]

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Floods and extreme storms has hit Nice and Cannes

Alpes-Maritimes: Bad Weather and Floods leave Several Dead

Extreme floods with very violent storms that hit Saturday night in the Alpes-Maritimes have left, according to a latest report, sixteen dead. A deluge of rain on Saturday night, which notably led to the flooding of the small coastal river Brague, has overwhelmed the streets of Cannes, Antibes, Mandelieu-la-Napoule, Villeneuve-Loubet and Nice, said François-Xavier Lauch, director […]

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