Nice attack: 24 New Positions in the Alpes-Maritimes Hospitals

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Marisol Touraine announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals for psychological treatment, following the attack in Nice.

The Health Minister, Marisol Touraine, has announced the creation of 24 new posts in the Alpes-Maritimes hospital for psychological treatment “in the life” of people traumatized by the attack in Nice

“To allow the Alpes-Maritimes hospitals provide counseling of traumatized people in the period , I decided to create new positions,” says the minister in an interview on wednesday with Nice Matin.

Twenty-four professionals will “strengthen the teams of four institutions”, mainly the Pasteur Hospital and St. Mary CH for adults, and the Lenval Antibes hospital for children and adolescents, which is “a financial commitment 1.4 million euros for the year ” .

Positions “perennial”

They are doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, educators and administrative staff, including the list was “based on the needs of each institution” , says Ms. Touraine.

This will be positions “perennial” but recruitment “could take some time” , she says: “pending the final recruitment, reinforcement set up last month to the Pasteur Hospital and Lenval be extended” .

After the attack of the 14th July, which left 86 dead, “more than 3,500 people have received treatment” from the psychological emergency support system , said the minister.

A new support system

For several weeks, a new support system was set up, based on hospitals, which received “1500 people” .

“Teams of psychiatrists and psychologists have given a lot, they have been outstanding in support of the victims. They need to be recognized and enhanced “, said the minister.

Nice welcomes Francois Hollande on Friday for a national tribute to the victims, three months after the attack on the 14th July on the Promenade des Anglais.

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