Pension reform: 287 Arrests in France during Monday’s Demonstrations, including 234 in Paris

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287 arrests in France during Monday's demonstrations, including 234 in Paris over Pension Reform

ANGER Barricades were erected in the capital on Monday evening

In the evening of Monday, 287 demonstrators were arrested, almost all of them in Paris (234), during the demonstrations after the adoption of the pension reform via the recourse to article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, a we learned this Tuesday from a police source.

In Paris, where protesters in small mobile groups wandered through the central districts burning trash cans, bicycles and various objects, firefighters intervened 240 times, according to this police source.

From the rejection by the deputies of the motions of censure leading to the final adoption of the reform by the Parliament, many demonstrations enamelled with incidents took place in several large cities of France. In an attempt to restore calm, Emmanuel Macron has planned to consult all over the place on Tuesday, before appearing on television Wednesday at midday on France 2 and TF1.

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