The Series “Westworld” is Cancelled by HBO after its Fourth Season

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The series “Westworld” is canceled by HBO after its fourth season

TELEVISION: The creator of the show, Westworld with Evan Rachel Wood hoped to complete his story with another season

Westworld, it’s over. HBO has announced that it will end the sci-fi series after the fourth season. The creator of the program knew that the fate of the series had been tense for a few weeks, but he had recently revealed that he still hoped to convince the channel to commit to a new season. This would allow him to put an end to the ambitious story he had developed.

“We have always planned a fifth and final season. We are still in conversation with the channel. We really hope to make it happen, ”Jonathan Nolan told The Hollywood Reporter, while his co-creator Lisa Joy explained that a very specific ending had been planned from the start. “Jonah and I have always had an end in mind that we hope to achieve. We haven’t quite reached it yet.”

More severe

While Westworld, starring Evan Rachel Wood, was considered HBO’s flagship series in its critically acclaimed first two seasons and watched by millions of viewers, scores dipped after the third. Moreover, the criticisms had become more severe. The first two seasons are rated at 74% positive reviews on the aggregator Metacritic while the last two remain at 64%.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, even fans of the program had begun to complain that the series had become too complex and hard to follow, including for the most seasoned aficionados. For HBO, it was better to leave it at that.

“Over the past four seasons, Lisa and (Jonathan) have taken viewers on a breathtaking odyssey, raising the bar with every step. We are extremely grateful to them, their immensely talented cast, producers and crew members, and to all of our partners at Kilter Films, Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. It was a pleasure to accompany them in this adventure “, can we read in the press release of the chain.

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