German EV Brand Elaris Unveils New SUV Model

Elaris Beo SUV,

ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Elaris, the electric car brand from Germany, has added a new model, the Beo SUV, to its range

Elaris, the electric car brand from Germany, has added a new model, the Beo SUV, to its range. The Beo SUV vehicle is manufactured by the Chinese company Skywell and is positioned as a luxury model, set to cost €49,900 ($61,000). In Germany, there are subsidies available that can bring the cost down to €41,300 ($50,500).

The previous vehicles from Elaris, the Finn and Leo models, are both based on vehicles from the Chinese manufacturer Dorcen. Both of these vehicles are at considerably lower price points than the Beo SUV. The Leo compact SUV is €28,330 ($35,000) after the environmental subsidies have been applied, and the Finn e-small vehicle is €9,390 ($11,500) after subsidies.

The interior of the Elaris Beo
The interior of the Elaris Beo – image courtesy Elaris

The Beo SUV claims its luxury tag with features such as automatic climate control with 4-zone control, automatic parking system, laser driving lights, high quality design, spacious interiors, an entertainment system with a 12.8-inch touchscreen, and a panoramic glass roof. The range of the vehicle is 460 kilometres (285.8 miles), which is 10 km more than the Leo model. Elaris also said that the Beo will have a very fast charging capability, and can charge from 20% to 80% in 30 minutes.

Elaris expects the Beo to be available by the end of July 2021. The company also said that it will develop further vehicles in cooperation with Dorcen and Skywell. It’s interesting to see the development of vehicles by companies based in China, followed by the positioning and marketing of the vehicles by Elaris for the European market, and to see models being created for a variety of price points.

With initiatives such as this, electric vehicles are continually being made more affordable, while at the same time also catering to the more luxury end of the market. The EV space is becoming increasingly busy, and this can only be a good thing.

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