Covid-19: 22 Schools and a Hundred Classes Already Closed

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22 schools in France closed because of coronavirus Covid-19

Among the 22 schools closed since the start of the school year due to positive cases of Covid-19, 10 are in metropolitan France, announces the Minister of National Education.

The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer announced on Europe 1 that to date, 22 schools were closed in France , as well as a hundred classes , due to proven cases of Covid-19 .

There are 10 closures in mainland France and 12 in Reunion Island out of a total of 60,000, the ministry said.

A hundred closed classes

In addition, “a hundred classes” are closed, “it obviously varies every day,” added Jean-Michel Blanquer, specifying that around 250 protocols for suspected cases were triggered daily.

These suspicions are most of the time “linked to factors external to the school, with people who often had been infected before the start of the school year,” he said.

The ministry told AFP that around 120-130 classes are currently closed due to cases of Covid, in addition to the 22 establishments.

“If there are more than three cases of Covid it triggers the closure of a school structure”, recalled the minister.

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A protocol designed to help families

Despite these closures, the minister described this first week of re-entry as “rather good”. “Despite the fears, everyone came home and that makes me very happy,” he said.

Asked if parents would be helped with the care of their children in the event of massive closures, he replied that in the event of “large phenomena (of closure) in the future, we would trigger a protocol to help families”

“My goal is that families are not disturbed in their daily life,” he said.

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