Sète: A “Factory Ship” Draws Seawater from the Mediterranean and Bottles It

Sète: A "factory ship" draws seawater from the Mediterranean and bottles it

BEVERAGE: This boat like no other is capable of producing 4 million bottles in two weeks

For the past few months, an imposing ship 200 meters long has been the object of all curiosities, in the port of Sète, in the Hérault. It is true that the ODeep One, a former car ferry, is not really a boat like the others. It contains a real floating factory, which bottles seawater.

The bottling plant on board the ODeep One
The bottling plant on board the ODeep One – OFWS

The ship regularly leaves the Singular Island, and, off Toulon or Spain, draws seawater, 300 meters deep. Thanks to a clever device, sodium and chlorine are removed, then the drink, natural and without any addition, is packaged in bottles. This “factory ship” is capable of producing 4 million in two weeks. The ODeep is then sold, notably on Amazon, where we find this “ocean water” at 25 euros for 12 bottles of 60 cl or 13 euros for 5 litres cube. Discussions are also underway with large retailers.

“Rich with 78 minerals”

This funny idea, it was Régis Revilliod, captain of the merchant navy, who had it. This industrial engineering specialist was inspired, he says, by the work of René Quinton, a French biologist, died in 1925, who extolled the benefits of seawater, comparing it to the liquid present in our organism. . But also from a childhood memory. “In Dieppe, in the 1960s, I was raised with cod liver oil,” says Régis Revilliod. To pass it, my mother gave me a spoon of Marinol [a mixture of seaweed and seawater]. I was deeply marked by this magic potion. ”

For the Norman captain, founder of the company Ocean Fresh Water Group, which employs 160 people, there is absolutely no doubt: fished at 300 meters deep, seawater is naturally rich in 78 minerals, it is beneficial for health and free from any pollutant or pesticide. “To have 78 minerals on your plate, you need forty vegetables, which do not grow at the same time, nor on the same hemispheres,” explains Régis Revilliod. Drinking a litre of ODeep is the equivalent of a sea bath. It is an indoor thalassotherapy. ”

After having pumped water from the Mediterranean, the ODeep One should soon go fishing off the coast of Asia, to offer its bottles to the Asian market.

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