How long should you ventilate your house to protect from the Coronavirus

5 Minutes, 30 Minutes… How Long Does it Take to Ventilate Your Home?

The government is asking you to open your windows to fight the coronavirus. How long do you have to ventilate your rooms? A new recommendation from the government. Eight months after the start of the coronavirus epidemic in France, the executive has just added a new barrier measure to its long list of actions to be respected. Wearing […]

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Bill Gates, head of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, January 22, 2019 at the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) - Markus Schreiber / AP / SIPA

He Would have Created the Virus, Planned the Vaccination … Bill Gates Sweeps Away the Conspiracy Theories Accusing him of Being at the Origin of Covid-19

CONSPIRACY: Since the start of the pandemic, anti-Bill Gates rumours have been spread by dozens, in many languages ​​and on various social networks A favourite target of conspirators and other conspirators, Bill Gates is finally out of his silence. The American billionaire has swept aside conspiracy theories spread on social networks, which accuse him of being at the origin of […]

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Coronavirus. No suspension of the Schengen area envisaged by the European Commission

Coronavirus: No Suspension of the Schengen Area envisaged by the European Commission

Faced with the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Italy, any re-establishment of border controls inside the EU will have to meet strict conditions, the European Commission said on Monday. 232 million euros of European funding will also be mobilized to help the Member States. No suspension of the free movement of goods and people in […]

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Aerial photo taken on February 2, 2020 of the new hospital built in ten days in Wuhan. (© AFP / STR. Aerial photo taken on February 2, 2020 of the new hospital built in ten days in Wuhan)

Coronavirus: China Admits “Shortcomings”, Death Toll Rises to 425

The Chinese government has admitted “shortcomings” in its response to the health crisis, while more than 20,000 coronavirus infections have been reported in the country. The toll of the coronavirus epidemic in China has risen to 425 dead after 64 new deaths announced Tuesday, February 3, 2020 by the government which admitted “shortcomings” in its response to the health […]

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A fifth case of a person with Coronavirus in France

Coronavirus: A Fifth Case in France, Two in Intensive Care

A fifth person is infected with the Chinese coronavirus, announced Minister Agnès Buzyn on Wednesday 29th January 2020. It is the daughter of the Chinese tourist in intensive care. A fifth person was infected in France with the new Chinese coronavirus, announced the Minister of Solidarity and Health Agnès Buzyn Wednesday 29th January 2020 during a press point. It is the […]

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Precautions against the coronavirus epidemic in Singapore, January 22, 2020.

Chinese Virus: Three Cases of Coronavirus Confirmed in France

The coronavirus, responsible for 41 deaths in China according to a last provisional assessment, arrived in France. Three patients are affected, in Bordeaux and Paris. Three cases of the new Chinese coronavirus were “confirmed” in France, on patients hospitalized in Paris and Bordeaux, announced Friday 25th January 2020 in the evening the French health authorities, stressing that these were […]

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A suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde)

Coronavirus: A Patient Hospitalised in Bordeaux for Suspicious Symptoms after a Stay in China

This Thursday 23rd January 2020, a suspected case of coronavirus 2019-nCov was taken care of by SOS Doctors in Bordeaux (Gironde). The patient, originally from China, was hospitalised. A suspected case of 2019-nCov coronavirus has been identified in Bordeaux (Gironde). This Thursday 23rd January, SOS Doctors took care of a patient, originally from China where the virus has spread, who had […]

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The provisional assessment of the viral epidemic reaches twenty-five deaths, on January 24, 2020.

Virus in China: Death Toll Rises to 26, including a Second Outside Wuhan

The new coronavirus continues to spread in China, while the WHO ruled on Thursday 23rd January 2020 that it was too early to declare the international emergency. Nearly a dozen Chinese cities were cordoned off on Friday 24th January 2020 at the epicentre of the viral epidemic, the toll of which increased again shortly after the WHO gave up […]

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Hackers use Messenger to spread their new scam.

Is That You in this Video? Especially Do Not Click on this Messenger Virus!

This is the new scam that runs on Facebook Messenger. Hackers send a corrupted video file to all of your contacts to recover their personal data. Caution. Long ago! With an unceasingly renewed imagination, the hackers struck again on Facebook. It is via Messenger that they deploy their last scam in recent days. How do they do it? By sending […]

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Passers-by wearing protective masks in front of a hospital in Shanghai, January 22, 2020.

Coronavirus: Facing the Epidemic, China Confines Entire Cities

The cities of Wuhan and Huanggang, respectively 11 and 7.5 million inhabitants, were placed in quarantine on Thursday 23rd January 2020. Beijing has cancelled the New Year festivities. China confined Thursday, January 23, 2020 millions of inhabitants in two large cities including the metropolis of Wuhan from where a new virus has started which has started to spread around […]

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