The Comedian Michel Aumont has Died at the Age of 82

Michel Aumont has died, aged 82

DEATH: The actor and comedian, Michel Aumont had received four Molières during his career.

The actor of theatre and cinema  Michel Aumont died this Wednesday at 82 years, according to AFP. The artist, who for twenty years played the role of Harpagon in the Comédie-Française, had received four Molières during his long career.

Named three times to the César, he was particularly known for his supporting roles in the cinema and had shot with Claude Chabrol, Bertrand Tavernier, Francis Veber or Jean-Jacques Annaud. More recently, he was seen in the Royal Palace! of Valérie Lemercier.

First reactions from the world of cinema

Former Cannes Film Festival President Gilles Jacob hailed a “very great comedian, theatre and cinema, classical and modern”.

Actress Michèle Laroque also reacted on Twitter:

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