Paris: A Woman Miscarries after Police Custody, an Open Investigation

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A two-month-old pregnant woman miscarried after being held in a police station in the 12th district of Paris

On Tuesday 6th August 2019, a pregnant woman lost her fetus after being stopped by police officers. The IGPN has been seized of the case.

pregnant woman of two months miscarried after police custody in a police station in Paris, in the XIIth arrondissement, Tuesday 6th August 2019. An investigation was opened Thursday, after the filing of its complaint.

According to AFP , this woman was arrested Tuesday following an assault on a couple on the street. Police sources report that she did not want to be placed in a cell and struggled. The agents had to intervene to control it.


That’s when she reportedly complained of pain by telling the police that she was pregnant. They offered to call the fire department what she refused at first. However, a doctor intervened and the woman was hospitalized. Followed his miscarriage.

A complaint was filed Wednesday. The Paris public prosecutor’s office decided to open an investigation for “willful violence by a person in charge of the public authority, in a meeting, and on a person in a state of pregnancy”.

A police officer suspended

The case has been assigned to the IGPN. At this stage, “no link can be made between the loss of the fetus and a possible fault” of the police, said the Prefecture of Police in Paris.

The Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, has asked for the suspension of one of the police as a precautionary measure.

The investigation is continuing.

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