Marseille: Two Young Women Prostitute a Mentally Deficient Teenager

Local News
Two young women prostitute a mentally deficient teenager in Marseilles

They were arrested at the end of last week in Marseille

Two young women aged 17 and 18 were indicted and imprisoned Saturday in Marseille for acts of procuring, police said, confirming information from La Provence .

These two teenage girls are suspected of having forced a third young woman to prostitute on Jarret, in the 5th district of Marseille. Their victim is mentally deficient. The teenager had to hand the money passes to his “protectrices”, which “gave her blows if she grumbled,” says an investigator in Provence.

Since mid-August

Last week, their victim took refuge at the reception of the Saint-Charles station before filing a complaint. The two young women were arrested last Thursday. It appears from the facts that they have started since mid-August.

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