European Elections: Ireland’s Turn to Vote, against Brexit Background

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On both sides of the Irish border, Sinn Fein, a pro-reunification Catholic, campaigned against Brexit

ELECTIONS: 12 Irish MEP’s to sit in the European Parliament

Ireland elects its MEP’s to the European Parliament on Friday in a Brexit poll , as the country is worried about the economic consequences of the divorce from Brussels and London, its closest trading partner. Polling stations opened at 7 am, with results expected only on Monday. Most of the major political parties have mobilised strongly. All want to mitigate the consequences for the Irish economy of the divorce from London with Brussels, set at 31 October at the latest.

Currently represented by 12 seats in Parliament, Ireland wins in these European elections two new seats, recovered from the places that are expected to be vacated soon by the British. The Irish can not occupy these two seats until the UK leaves the EU after Brexit.

The Irish are also called Friday to decide, by referendum, on the modernisation of divorce in their country, where a wind of change and openness has swept away in recent years a rooted Catholic tradition.

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