Alençon: A New Pool for the Aquatic Center Alencéa in 2020

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Rear view of the future aquatic center Alençéa, in Alençon

Similar to the current main basin, it will eventually replace the Pierre Rousseau pool in Alençon (Orne).

The aquatic center Alencéa will stretch.

“By the fall,” the expansion of the pool will begin so that the aquatic complex of Alençon (Orne) has an additional pool at the end of the year 2020.

25 m, six water lines

sports pool similar to the current main pool, 25 meters and with six water lines . Covered, it will be built in an annex building with an area of ​​1,230 m², also with terraces, and equipped with its own locker rooms, showers and technical area.

This new building will be located in place of the current car park and a new parking area, a hundred seats, will be built on the other side of the street of Villeneuve. The project designed by the firm Octant Architecture , supported by the Urban Community of Alençon (CUA), is estimated at 5.5 million euros excluding taxes.

“The community has chosen a sustainable building,” says the AUC services.

Indeed, solar panels placed on the roof and a heat pump with a geothermal system will “reduce energy costs”, important in such a complex.

The future forecourt of reception since the street of Villeneuve, Alençon
The future forecourt of reception since the street of Villeneuve. © Cabinet Octant Architecture (© Octant Architecture)

Replace the Pierre Rousseau Pool

“The new pool will increase the capacity of the Aquatic Center”, but the goal is also, in the long term, to replace the Pierre Rousseau swimming pool, located near the high school Marguerite-de-Navarre, road of Le Mans, and which only has four lines of water.

A pool only used by schools and sports associations. The new Alençéa basin will therefore be primarily intended for them.

“Nevertheless, during certain periods, including school holidays, the new equipment will be open to everyone. “

After the delivery of the new basin, a second phase of work, “concerning the recovery of defects found as soon as the basins open”, is being considered.

A pentagliss, in a second time

The current pool could be unavailable during these new works. Swimmers will be redirected to the future pool.

“The AUC could then take the opportunity to make additional arrangements, such as the creation of a pentagliss, the renovation of the toboggan, or the rehabilitation of the wellness area. “

The Rousseau pool, it should remain in service until the end of the delivery of this second phase of work, and therefore has “a few years” in front of it.


“The future of the Pierre Rousseau swimming pool will be considered later even if the services are working today on building reuse scenarios. “

“These will be subject to political validation but today no arbitration has been made,” warn the community services

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