Will Meghan Markle go Back to “Suits”?

Will Meghan Markle go back to the television series, Suits ?

TELEVISION: The creator of the series, Suits,  leaves the doubt floating on the return of Meghan Markle for the final season…

Meghan Markle ended her acting career with Prince Harry, but the one who has since become the Duchess of Sussex by marrying her may well return in Suits’ final season . The creator of the series that made him known has in any case left the door wide open to this possibility.

“I have not promised to give millions of dollars on behalf of anyone to a good cause, that I can confirm. The original characters come back, including Jessica, but we are really at the beginning of the season and we have not yet formulated what we want to do, so we can not contact people before we know what we want to do “, said Aaron Korsh at Deadline .

If nothing is done yet, the return of Meghan Markle in Suits for an appearance in the final season is not as unlikely as it seems. After all, the Duchess of Sussex has already shattered several conventions of the royal protocol . He would simply need the approval of the queen, that she seems to have managed to put in the pocket .

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