Unemployment in France rose in the third quarter

Unemployment: The Number of Jobseekers on the Rise

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On Thursday 25th October, the Ministry of Labour unveiled unemployment figures for the third quarter. It is up 0.4% (plus 16,400 job seekers).

The number of unemployed again rose slightly in Q3 (+16,400, + 0.4%) to reach 3.718 million people in France, according to figures released Thursday by the Ministry of Labor.

The number of jobseekers, with or without activity, also increased by 0.4% (+22,300) to 5,963 million. In the second quarter, these two figures had already increased by 0.2%. Over one year, the number of unemployed (category A) remains down 1%, but the number of jobseekers (ABC) registered at Pôle emploi increased by 0.7%.

Long-term unemployment has risen sharply

In mainland France, the rise affects all age groups. The strongest affects the unemployed aged 50 and over (+ 0.6% over the quarter and + 0.2% over one year). Among those under 25, the increase is 0.3% but the trend over one year remains downward (-1%).

As in the previous quarter, long-term unemployment increased more strongly: including employed jobseekers, 2,811 million were registered for more than one year. A figure up 1.1% in the quarter and 6.4% year on year.

Of the job-seekers who worked, those who had a short activity (category B, less than 78 hours per month) showed a net increase of 2.1% (+ 2.7% over one year), while those in active employment long term (category C) decreased by 0.8% (+ 4.1% year-on-year).

While the average number of entrances to Pôle emploi decreased in categories A, B, C by 0.7%, the number of exits from the lists of the public operator fell even more sharply (-2.5%).

In mainland France, the number of unemployed fell in four regions and increased in nine others (between -1.6% in Corsica and + 1.8% in Center-Val-de-Loire). Overseas, the figures vary between -0.7% in Martinique and + 1.9% in French Guiana.

Unemployment: The Number of Jobseekers on the Rise 1

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