Normandy: D24 to Ecardenville-la-Campagne, A Tree on the Road

Local News
In Normandy, Firefighters had to cut a tree blocking the D24

Saturday afternoon firefighters from Neubourg (Normandy)had to use the chainsaw to cut a tree fallen across the road, on the D24, just before the crossroads of the deux cerfs.

Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, June 30, around 4pm, a tree fell across the road on the D24, after Epreville-near-Neubourg (Normandy), in the wooded area just before reaching the N613, at the crossroads of the deux cerf. More fear than harm, since no vehicle passed at the moment of its fall. Arriving a few seconds later, a motorist then alerted the gendarmerie Neubourg. Immediately, two gendarmes went to the scene: “We wanted to move two, but we did not succeed, it was too heavy. We then called the firefighters of Neubourg, “ says one of the two brigadiers.

Firefighters then intervened with a chainsaw to cut the tree and clear the roadway. The time of their intervention, a deviation was set up by the gendarmerie. At 4.45pm everything was back in order, the D24 was again open to traffic.

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